Hi, and welcome to my page. This place you can find some facts about me. I hope you are going to like it.

Please let me know your thoughts about the site, my blog, photos, etc by contacting me.

Favourite music:

I’ve made a new page for my favourite music, check it here.

My digital life:

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I have a blog:, I publish articles about journies, photography and tech.

I regularly upload photos to Flickr (dlux). See my photography page, too.

I have some open source projects, too, you can see them in my hacks page, or on Freshmeat (dlux).

I am actively using Facebook (, but I am in Orkut ( and LinkedIn also.

If you don’t like the big social network sites, then you can find me on FriendFeed (dluxhu), which aggregates many of my activities, including Twitter (dluxhu), YouTube (dluxhu), Delicious (, Flickr (dlux), Picasa ( (dluxhu), Google Reader shared items.

About Me

Name: Balázs Szabó

Birthday: 11 May

Business: Software development

Location: Zürich, Switzerland



Google Talk (jabber):

Out of business activities

  1. Computer related activities

  2. Studying life and knowing myself: Scientology

  3. Traveling

  4. Walking in the city

  5. Karaoke

  6. Photograpy: see here